Ceremony Enhancements

[vc_column_text]Below is a selection of additional ceremonies that can also be part of your Ceremony. They are based on old traditions, often with a quirky twist  and can help add to the unique style of your wedding.


Originally this is the historical term for wedding or betrothal. In this beautiful ceremony, the wrists of the couple are tied together with ribbons, each symbolising a special good wish or promise.. Members of the family may join in and it is a wonderful way of enhancing the joining of two families together.
Many people are turning to this ceremony in place of a full legal marriage, when they wish to celebrate their love and commitment with family and friends. I will supply ribbons, lace and braids and give suggestions for readings and wishes.

Ring Warming

I will commission the making of a beautiful little pillow that suits the colour and style of your wedding. On your wedding day, just before you take your vows the rings will be tied to the pillow and handed around all your guests. They will send loving thoughts, prayers and good wishes into the rings, until they are returned ‘warmed’ by all the loving attention. This is a lovely way of including everyone and is a happy and moving part of a wedding ceremony.

Unity Sand Ceremony 

This ceremony is ideal at any wedding and is especially relevant when families with step-children are coming together. A glass bottle is filled with different layers of coloured sand, each representing a person and the creation of one family from many individuals. I can source a selection of beautiful bottles both modern and antique.

 Memory Box   

The couple write a love letter to each other, sealed in envelopes, choose a favourite bottle of wine and memorabilia from the wedding and put these all into the box, which is then sealed, only to be opened on a special anniversary.
I have a collection of unique vintage boxes, or I can arrange for a box to be hand painted and decorated to suit.

 Breaking of Glass Ceremony 

Two champagne flutes (safely within a bespoke bag) are stomped upon and smashed. It’s a suitably dramatic way to celebrate the end of the formal ceremony and the beginning of the celebrations.

Wine Ceremony or Loving Cup

These are ceremonies which can involve the couple or, if there is a small gathering, everybody can be involved. The couple can mix red and white wine to create a blush, and drink a glass each, or both drink from one special cup. A large two handled cup can be passed around everybody as they drink the couple’s health.
I have a selection of beautiful and unusual glasses which can be kept after the ceremony to use on special anniversaries

 Rose Ceremony, Rosemary Ceremony 

Rosemary is said to bring good luck and good health and in the past it was carried by the bride and groom at weddings. It is also traditional to plant a Rosemary bush close to the door of your new home. The Rose Ceremony and The Rosemary ceremony can be combined. The Mother’s receive a rose from the bride and groom as a thanks for the love and care they have received and the Mother’s present a Rosemary bush each, to bring good fortune and happiness to the married home.

Unity Candle   Lighting a candle has been part of important ceremonies since ancient times. In weddings it symbolises the couple joining in marriage as well as the joining of two families. The Mothers each light a smaller candle; the couple then use these to light the single large candle.

This is also popular in Naming Ceremonies. Parents and Specially chosen guardians or mentors all light the child’s candles:

I can source either large ‘church’ or pure beeswax candles and will create bespoke candles which may be kept as a keepsake.

Ceremonial Bread 

A specially decorated loaf of bread is baked for the wedding. The Bride and Groom each take a bite, everybody joins in with an ancient blessing, ensuring food will always be on their table and they will be happy to share it. The bread is then shared by all the close family at the ‘top table’ at the reception.

 Broom Jumping Ceremony

 The Broom Jumping Ceremony is based upon tradition which symbolises the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for the couple to cross over into their new life together. It’s a lively and visually impressive ceremony, especially if the broom is decorated to match the Wedding’s theme colours. I can source and decorate a broom for you.

Family Heirloom Books   

In the past family Bibles were used to record weddings and births. Couples choose a favourite book, maybe a novel or poetry. This can have the date and details of the Wedding hand written inside and be signed by the couple during the ceremony.
I can find First Editions, leather Bindings and all sorts of unique and beautiful books.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]